Welcome Alberta!


SOGI 1 2 3 Is pleased to announce a unique Western CanadA educational partnership.

SOGI 1 2 3 is launching in Alberta in 2017/18. Tools and resources for Alberta educators will grow and evolve as participation and support increases. We’d like to thank The Stollery Charitable Foundation for making this Western Canadian partnership possible. We are actively looking to partner with other like-minded individuals and organizations who support our vision of expanding the tools, resources, and professional development opportunities available to educators in Alberta.

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Closing the gap between support and action

SOGI 1 2 3 is designed to address the gap between educators reporting high-level support of LGBTQ-inclusive education and lower level participation in LGBTQ-inclusive activities due to feeling that they do not have the appropriate skills, training, or support. 


The Alberta SOGI Educator Network

The Alberta SOGI Educator Network brings together Alberta educators interested in SOGI-inclusive education.

It enables these educators to meet, share resources, co-design programs, and collectively overcome obstacles within and across their school districts. The SOGI Educator Network formally launched in British Columbia in 2016/2017 and membership is now province-wide. This year, SOGI 1 2 3 is working with Edmonton Public Schools, Sturgeon School Division, and St. Albert Public School District to bring the SOGI Educator Network to Alberta as an innovative pilot project.

Learn more about the BC SOGI Educator Network

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SOGI-inclusive education is not new to Alberta.

The expansion of SOGI 1 2 3 into Alberta is timely given the recent passage of Bill 10 and the corresponding Minister of Education’s requirement that all school boards must develop policies that specifically include LGBTQ students, staff, and families.

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Over the past several years, educators and educational leaders in Alberta have developed a wide range of comprehensive resources to support you, some of which are listed below. The SOGI 1 2 3 partnership intends to expand upon these resources. Until then, please explore the links below and how to navigate the rest of this website.


Alberta Education
Resources focus on a whole school approach towards supporting welcoming, caring, respectful, and safe schools. Includes information on GSAs, homophobic and transphobic bullying, best practices, and supporting legislation.

Alberta Teachers’ Association
Links to LGBTQ resources for teachers, counsellors, and administrators and answers frequently asked questions.

PRISM Elementary and Secondary Toolkits
PRISM is an acronym for Professionals Respecting and Supporting Individual Sexual Minorities. The PRISM Secondary and Elementary Toolkits were created by practicing Alberta teachers to help secondary schools promote safe and supportive spaces for sexual and gender minorities. Both editions of PRISM have been reviewed by Alberta Education.

Society for Safe and Caring Schools and Communities
The mission of the Society for Safe and Caring Schools and Communities (SACSC) is to encourage home, school, and community practices that teach, model, and reinforce socially responsible and respectful behaviours, so that living and learning can take place in a safe, caring, and inclusive environment. SACSC features an excellent diversity guidebook series, which includes many SOGI-related materials. They also partner with the ATA to support a province-wide SOGI Safe Spaces Initiative.

Alberta GSA Network
The Alberta GSA Network is a collective of resources specific to students, teachers, and school staff in Alberta’s K–12 schools. Their goal is to connect with local organizations, community groups, and schools across Alberta to help start, strengthen, and sustain GSAs and QSAs.

Diversity Toolkit
This University of Calgary website features a collection of provincial, national, and international online diversity resources; funding sources; glossaries; exemplary projects; and selected reading lists. The Diversity Toolkit is designed for teachers, scholars, and activists who wish to promote the acceptance of differences within schools and communities.

Navigating this website

This website was originally created for British Columbia, where the SOGI 1 2 3 pilot began. The navigation is organized around these three elements of SOGI-inclusive education, with additional features in the main menu. While Alberta SOGI 1 2 3 gathers support and funding, please explore, use, and adapt the BC resources available. We are looking forward to what we can create together.